About me

Who am I?

Well, I’m not Spider-Man, but rather a humble .NET developer living in Stockholm, Sweden. I do a lot of web application development, which in the .NET world obviously means ASP.NET. I prefer ASP.NET MVC, though I work with Web Forms based DNN sites daily as well. Besides C# and ASP.NET, I have also found myself working a lot with JavaScript – a language (and ecosystem) that I’ve gradually come to love as well.

Where am I?

If you’re into LinkedIn, then my LinkedIn page  might be of interest to you. Another place you’ll find me is on my Twitter account where I (occasionally) tweet, or retweet things that I find funny or interesting. I’ve also started a “personal” website/blog where I write about programming in Swedish, and you’ll find that site here.


Kind regards,

Jonathan Lindkvist